Aims & Scope

The International Journal of Automotive Engineering (IJAE) is an Open Access journal aiming to publish and electronically disseminate high-quality original papers in all aspects of automotive engineering, technology, and science. IJAE is an effective platform for facilitating the exchange of information on new concepts, methodology, and recent progress in the automotive research and development communities. Published by the Society of Automotive Engineering of Japan, IJAE welcomes submissions from all around the world, especially those that promote information exchange between academia and industry. The main topics are:

  • Engine and power sources; power transmission; EV and HV systems
  • Vehicle dynamics and development; vibration, noise, and ride comfort
  • Safety; human engineering
  • Thermofluidic dynamics; environment, energy, and resources; materials, production and manufacturing
  • Control electronics; control in information and communication technology; social systems; common infrastructure.

Manuscript types

IJAE publishes three manuscript types, all of which are subject to rigorous peer review.

Although manuscripts may be derived from papers presented at conferences, they must conform to the specifications below and must comply with the acceptance criteria detailed in the ‘Editorial and peer review process’ section of these guidelines. Manuscript submissions derived from conference papers must be substantial and significant contributions, which may require developments such as a new Title, new Abstract, additional experimental or modelling work, and a more in-depth discussion.

Research Papers
Research Papers are substantial and full articles describing original research that focuses on aspects of automotive engineering, technology, and science. Manuscripts must describe sufficient experimental, analytical, or other work of high significance to be considered as a Research Paper. The total length of a Research Paper should not exceed 6,000 words (excluding tables, references, and captions) and should include no more than 15 tables or figure plots.

Technical Notes
Technical Notes are short articles briefly describing a specific development, technique, or procedure that is of interest to IJAE’s broad audience. Technical Notes must not exceed 3,000 words (excluding tables, references, and captions) and should include no more than 5 tables or figure plots.

Review Articles
Review Articles provide comprehensive summaries of the existing literature on a certain topic to explain the current status and indicate where the research is heading. The total length of a Review Article should not exceed 6,000 words (excluding tables, references, and captions) and should include no more than 15 tables or figure plots.

Acceptance criteria

If a manuscript satisfies the journal’s requirements and represents a valuable contribution to the published literature, the Editor may recommend acceptance for publication in the journal.

In brief, the acceptance criteria are that articles published in the journal:

  • are within the subject area as outlined in the Aims and Scope
  • contain novel analyses, modelling and results, on which the authors’ clear assertions are based (Research Papers and Technical Notes) or provide objective and balanced overviews regarding particular topics or fields based on a review of the literature (Review Papers)
  • are scientifically, ethically, and otherwise rigorous, with no clear errors
  • are of interest to our broad audience
  • are well-constructed and written in clear English.

Open access

All readers have open access to reading, downloading, and printing papers.
Simple and free access ensures maximum readership for published papers.