Booking for session attendance
※For on-site participantss

Preparation for booking and attendance・The flow on the day of the event

Advance registration on the web is required to participate the sessions.

Please make sure to register on the web and visit the exhibition by following the steps from 1 to 4 below.
Registration for your participation

※There is NO on-site registration this year

※Name cards can be issued from Tuesday 24 May, the day before the conference

Place of issue: Pacifico Yokohama Conference Centre 2F Entrance

Open for issuing 24 May (Tue), 15:00-18:00.

25 May (Wed) 8:00-18:00.
26 May (Thu) 8:30-16:00.
27 May (Fri) 8:30-17:00.


How to do online registration for participation.

Register on the registration website. After completing registration and payment, 'Event Ticket' will appear on the audience page. Please print out or display on a screen of your smartphone or other device and bring it with you.


How to book a session.

After you complete your registration you can access the 'Session Booking' section via the audience page. Please reserve the sessions you wish to attend and print out the list of reservations or display it on your smartphone or other screen.


How to issue your name card with the event ticket.

Please scan a QR code or barcode on your event ticket which is printed out or displayed on your device with a ticketing machine and receive the name card issued.
※Please take a programme and a name holder before entering.


How to check in the session you reserved.

Please show us your screen or printout of the "Reservation List", which can be displayed under "Reservation" page at the entrance of each session room.
Once our staff confirm that you have made a reservation, you may enter.



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▪General inquiry
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