Japan Automotive AI Challenge 自動運転AIチャレンジ

Outline of the event

Tournament concept

    With a new technology area called CASE becoming the center of competition in the automobile industry, there is a shortage of AI and IT engineers, and the need for it is rapidly increasing throughout the automobile industry.

    As a new initiative to discover and train engineers who will lead the automobile industry in the future, we will hold an international competition to compete for AI technology in autonomous driving.

    Starting from this competition, which is a collaboration between industry, government and academia, we aim to build a framework that contributes to the further development of the automobile industry.


  • Online simulation competition November 2nd to December 22nd, 2021
    Basic training on mobility technology, automated driving software, and simulator tutorials (classes) will be held in advance.

Competition content

  • Create a source code that can run through scenarios on the online simulator, control autonomous vehicles and compete for circuit driving time

way to participate

  • There are no restrictions on students, adults, etc. Participation fee is free.


  • Open to public. Participation is free of charge.
  • Entry closed. (If you cannot access Microsoft forms, please contact ai-challenge@jsae.or.jp)
The competition progress after entry will be developed on github.
You need a team leader github account.


  • The highest award, excellence award, 3rd place prize and supplementary prize JPY 300,000, JPY 200,000 and JPY 100,000 will be presented by JSAE, the Ministry of Economy, Trade and Industry Manufacturing Industry Bureau Director General's Award from the Ministry of Economy, Trade and Industry, and the Japan Automotive Manufacturers Association Chairman's Award from the Japan Automotive Manufacturers Association.

Operating system

  • Organized by: Society of Automotive Engineers of Japan Autonomous Driving Challenge Study WG / Autonomous Driving AI Challenge SWG
  • Sponsored by: Ministry of Economy, Trade and Industry, Institute of Industrial Technology, Tokyo University,University of Tokyo Mobility Innovation Collaboration Research Organization (UTmobI), Japan AutomobileManufacturers Association
  • Special sponsorship:       
  • Competition sponsors: We are looking for companies / organizations that agree with the purpose of thiscompetition and support us as sponsors of goods and operating funds. Please contact us for details.

Japan Automotive AI Challenge is promoting the development and training of engineers in collaboration with the "5th AI Edge Contest" sponsored by the Ministry of Economy, Trade and Industry and NEDO.

Member of the Steering Committee

Chairman Seigo Kuzumaki Toyota Motor Corporation
leader Shinpei Kato The University of Tokyo / Tier IV
  Koki Matsushita Woven Planet Holdings Inc.
Yuichi Azuma Society of Automotive Engineers of Japan
Tokitomo Ariyoshi Honda R & D Co., Ltd.
Takuma Itoga SIGNATE Co., Ltd.
Manabu Omae Keio University Graduate School
Takeki Ogitsu Gunma University
Hide Saito SIGNATE Co., Ltd.
Naoki Suganuma Kanazawa University
Eijiro Takeuchi Nagoya University Graduate School
Jun Toyama Toyota Motor Corporation
Koichi Hamano SIGNATE Co., Ltd.
Shigekazu Fukunaga Ministry of Economy, Trade and Industry
Yutaka Matsuo The University Tokyo
Tatsumi Yanai Nissan Motor Corporation
Kazuya Yamamoto Honda R&D Co., Ltd.
Seiichiro Yamamoto Ministry of Economy, Trade and Industry