Japan Automotive AI Challenge 自動運転AIチャレンジ


Qualifying online simulation

event date April 12th-May 13th, 2022
format online

① Challenge course

  • Language: Japanese only
  • Offer environment:
    • Education program (online, about 4-5 hours)
    • Cloud exercise environment (can be used with GPU on / off)
    • Exercises
    • Online tutorial

② Advanced course

  • Language: Japanese / English
  • Offering environment
    • Cloud exercise environment (can be used with GPU on / off)
    • Exercises

Exercise (competition)

Utilizing an automatic driving simulator, from data collection to model construction, learning, data enhancement and model improvement, while using deep learning, compete for the time to go around a predetermined course.

The course to run differs between the challenge course and the advanced course.


Final driving competition utilizing automatic driving mobility

Common issues

Run scenario: Run a scenario with traffic lights, stop lines, obstacles, etc.


Challenge task

Running Keep speed, acceleration, jerk, etc. within a certain range
Stability Correctness Put the vehicle in front, back, left and right in a certain stop
Cognitive Recognize the crossing of a person at a pedestrian crossing, etc., stop the vehicle appropriately, and restart.

Image of the 1st competition (2019)


Development code rights and disclaimers

The rights to the codes developed on the competition system during the competition belong to the user.The Society of Automotive Engineers of Japan and its subcontractors (including subcontractors such as cloud environments) handle files saved in the system by users with caution during the system usage period, but for damages caused by theft, hacking or other force majeure. We will not be liable for this. The user also agrees that if the system expiration date is exceeded, the files located on the system will be deleted without prior notice.