2023(Integration)Outline of the event


As new technology fields called CASE become the center of competition in the automobile industry, there is a shortage of AI and IT engineers, and the need for them is rapidly increasing throughout the automobile industry.
As a new initiative to discover and develop engineers who will lead the automotive industry in the future, we will hold an international competition to compete for AI technology in autonomous driving.
We aim to build a framework that contributes to the further development of the automobile industry, starting from this competition, which is conducted through industry-government-academia cooperation.


Registration period June 5th to August 7th
Preliminaries July 3, 2023 to August 31, 2023
Preparing for finals November 12, 2023

Competition content

In this "Integration competition", we will hold a competition with the theme of "automated transportation in the factory". self-driving
Through solving problems in social implementation, we will have AI human resources experience smart mobility, and in the automotive field In this integration competition, the concept of “in-factory
We will hold a competition with the theme of "automated transportation". Through solving problems in social implementation of autonomous driving,
We aim to create opportunities for engineers to develop and discover engineers in the automotive field by allowing them to experience smart mobility in their own way.
That is the purpose of this competition.

Participation qualification, participation fee

  • There are no restrictions for students, working adults, etc. Participation fee is free.
  • Participation is per team (up to 3 people, 1 person is also possible).

Way to participate

Awards (planned)

1st place Grand Prize・Director-General for Manufacturing Industry Bureau,Ministry of Economy, Trade and Industry/ Supplementary prize money (500,000 JPY)
2nd place Excellence award・Japan Automobile Manufacturers Association Chairman's Award/Supplementary prize money (250,000 JPY)
3rd place Supplementary prize money (100,000 JPY)

Operating system

  • Organized by: Society of Automotive Engineers of Japan
  • Sponsored by: Ministry of Economy, Trade and Industry, Institute of Industrial Technology, Tokyo University,University of Tokyo Mobility Innovation Collaboration Research Organization (UTmobI), Japan AutomobileManufacturers Association,Japan Auto Parts Industries Association,japan deep learning association
  • Special sponsorship:       
  • Management Sponsors:        
  • Competition sponsors: We are looking for companies / organizations that agree with the purpose of thiscompetition and support us as sponsors of goods and operating funds. Please contact us for details.

Platinum class

Gold class

Silver Class

Bronze class