Japan Automotive AI Challenge 自動運転AIチャレンジとは

About Japan Automotive AI Challenge

This competition is being held as a new initiative to discover and develop engineers who will lead the automobile industry in the future in the new technical fields called CASE and MaaS.

Until 2021, the competition was held once a year, but from 2022, it will be held twice a year: an "integration" competition and a "simulation" competition.

In "Integration", we will even conduct a driving competition in which the program developed for Autonomous Driving mobility is installed. Together with the two competitions, we aim to provide opportunities for engineers, researchers, and students involved in computer science, AI, software, and information processing to challenge themselves, learn, and create opportunities to create organic connections. self We will try to create a tournament that is easy for beginners to participate in dynamic driving, so please feel free to participate.


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