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Automotive Engineer Level Accreditation System

This system certifies the engineering skill level of the engineer with regard to automotive technology. The system was created to support the personal efforts made by engineers to continuously improve and maintain their skills and abilities. There are 4 levels in this system, with accreditation awarded based on the results of efforts to develop engineering skills, short research papers, and interviews.

Automotive Engineer Level

The qualifications of the four levels of accredited engineers are described below.

(1) JSAE Engineer

· Has acquired basic knowledge of automobiles in general.
· Possesses the fundamental knowledge of his or her own area of specialty, and the ability to apply that knowledge to solve problem. And more.

(b) JSAE Senior Engineer

In addition to the JSAE Engineer qualifications,
· Possesses at least 1 specialty, and has acquired extensive knowledge.
· Has accumulated hands-on experience and achievements. And more.

(c) JSAE Professional Engineer

In addition to the JSAE Senior Engineer qualifications,
· Possesses extensive knowledge and experience in a specific automotive field and its attendant leading-edge technologies, or high levels of knowledge and experience across multiple specialized fields.
· Has the ability to teach JSAE engineers and JSAE senior engineers. And more.

(d) JSAE Fellow Engineers

In addition to the JSAE Professional Engineer qualifications,
· As a leading Japanese automotive engineer, possesses wide-ranging and comprehensive proficiency and expertise in automotive engineering, or extremely high levels of knowledge and experience, and is viewed as a role model by other automotive engineers. And more.

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