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Membership is diverse, and includes researchers, engineers, as well as students involved in automotive engineering.
In addition to holding technical sessions, expositions, symposiums, international conferences, and workshops that provide engineers from Japan and abroad with networking and exchange opportunities, the JSAE organizes events aimed at nurturing the next generation of engineers, such as Student Formula Japan and the Basic Automotive Engineering Course.
We look forward to your joining the JSAE and actively contributing to the development automotive engineering.

Types of Membership

The JSAE has individual members, who join on a personal basis, and corporate members, who join as an organization.

  • Individual
  • Corporate

Individual Membership

Society of Automotive Engineers of Japan membership card

CategoryJoining feeDues (annual)
Regular members600 yen8,400 yen
Student members300 yen3,600 yen

Application Procedure

The invoice and your membership card will be sent to your mailing address.
(Note: It may take 2 -7 weeks depending on the destination.)
Payment can be made by credit card (Visa /MasterCard /American Express).

Delivery of Journals

AreaMonthly Journal in Japanese (Surface Mail)Monthly Journal in Japanese (Airmail)
AsiaNo Charge8,160 yen
(680 x 12)
SAustralia, Middle East, Central/North America, EuropeAs above10,440 yen
(870 x 12)
South America, AfricaAs above13,560 yen
(1,130 x 12)

Individual Memberships

Individual members are registered under their own name, and people who work in an automobile-related field, or have an interest in automobiles, and meet the conditions below are eligible to join.

Regular members

(1) People who have graduated from, or completed a course of study in science and engineering or other automobile-related technology program offered by a graduate school, university, technical college, junior college, or college, or by an equivalent education or training institute.

(2) For people who do not meet the above condition, 5 years of practical experience in the field of automotive engineering. However, this does not apply to people who receive an introduction from a regular member.

Student members

(3) Students or graduate students with an interest in automotive engineering who are currently enrolled in an education or training institute described in (1) above.

How to Join

Click the button below to go to the application page.

Membership Dues

Corporate3,000 yen

11,000 yen / per Lot
Minimum 10 Lots

From 110,000 yen
(10 Lots)

4,000 yen

*1 Joining fee when a company first becomes a member.

*2 Renewal of membership will be processed in April every year.

*3 Charge for bank transfer from your country to our bank account

Application Procedure

The invoice will be sent to your mailing address.
(Note: It may take 2 -7 weeks depending on the destination.)
Payment can be made by bank transfer.

Corporate Membership

Corporate members join as a company or an organization. Corporations and organizations that support the aims of JSAE and are willing to actively assist in the running of activities and programs are eligible to join.

Benefits of Corporate Membership

Corporate members receive the following free services based on the count of member dues paid.

RegistrantsJournal issues*1Congress admission*2Symposium admission*3
10 to 19232
20 to 393 to 442
40 to 49552
50 to 896 to 954
90 or more10 or more56

*1… We send the above number of issues of the Journal of Society of Automotive Engineers of Japan every month.

*2… We send the above number of free admission tickets for the Spring and Autumn annual congresses.

*3… Every March, we send the above number of free admission tickets for symposiums.

Special Discount on Exhibit Space Rent

RegistrantExhibit Space Rent*4Consumption TaxTotal
Member300,000 yen24,000 yen324,000 yen
(Non-member)(400,000 yen)(32,000 yen)(432,000 yen)

*4…Unit price for a 9m2 booth

How to Join

Click the button below to go to the application page.