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FISITA World Automotive Congress


With the first event held in Paris in 1947, the FISITA World Automotive Congress is the oldest of the comprehensive international conferences related to automotive technology, and it is now held all over the world. FISITA (The International Federation of Automotive Engineering Societies) is the umbrella organization for the national automotive societies in 37 countries around the world. This network of member societies represents more than 180,000 automotive engineers and researchers around the globe. The FISITA World Automotive Congress is held once every two years and is one of the main events hosted by FISITA. The JSAE joined FISITA in 1960 and has hosted the World Automotive Congress three times, in 1964 and 1976 (Tokyo), and in 2006 (Yokohama).


1947Paris, France
1948Torino, Italy
1950Paris, France
1952Madrid, Spain
1954Munich, Germany
1956Rome, Italy
1958Paris, France
1960The Hague, the Netherlands
1962London, UK
1964Tokyo, Japan
1966Munich, Germany
1968Barcelona, Spain
1970Brussels, Belgium
1972London, UK
1974Paris, France
1976Tokyo, Japan
1978Budapest, Hungary
1980Hamburg, Germany
1982Melbourne, Australia
1984Vienna, Austria
1986Belgrade, Yugoslavia
1988Dearborn, Michigan, USA
1990Turin, Italy
1992London, UK
1994Beijing, China
1996Prague, Czech
1998Paris, France
2000Seoul, South Korea
2002Helsinki, Finland
2004Barcelona, Spain
2006Yokohama, Japan
2008Munich, Germany
2010Budapest, Hungary
2012Beijing, China
2014Maastricht, the Netherlands
2016Busan, South Korea