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SETC – Small Powertrains and Energy Systems Technology Conference


SETC is an international conference that focuses on technology for small engines used for motorcycles, agricultural machinery, generators, outboard motors, and the like, as well as the components used in these engines, excluding the engines used for four-wheel vehicles or airplanes. Since the inaugural conference was held in the U.S. in 1989, it has been held in various regions around the world, with SAE International and the JSAE taking the leading role. SETC has been held annually since 2001 and, reflecting the importance of exchanging technological know-how with the production bases and growing markets in Asia, it has been held in a number of cities in the region (Bangkok in 2005, Penang in 2009, and Taipei in 2013).
Co-organized by JSAE and SAE International


1989Milwaukee, Wisconsin USA
1991Yokohama & Hamamatsu, Japan
1993Pisa, Italy
1995Milwaukee, Wisconsin USA
1997Yokohama, Japan
1999Madison, Wisconsin USA
2001Pisa, Italy
2002Kyoto, Japan
2003Madison, Wisconsin USA
2004Graz, Austria
2005Bangkok, Thailand
2006San Antonio, Texas USA
2007Niigata, Japan
2008Milwaukee, Wisconsin USA
2009Penang, Malaysia
2010Linz, Austria
2011Sapporo, Japan
2012Madison, Wisconsin USA
2013Taipei, Republic of China
2014Pisa, Italy
2015Osaka, Japan
2016Charleston, South Carolina, USA
2017Jakarta, Republik Indonesia