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APAC – Asia Pacific Automotive Engineering Conference

The inaugural APAC was held in Honolulu, Hawaii in 1981 under the name “IPC” - International Pacific Conference on Automotive Engineering. The IPC group was initiated by four countries, the U.S., Indonesia, Australia, and Japan. South Korea and China joined the following year, Thailand, Vietnam, and Sri Lanka in the 1990s, India in 2004, and Iran in 2005, with a total of 11 countries now represented. Each member country hosts APAC in turn as a comprehensive international conference related to automotive engineering for the Asia-Pacific Region. The name was changed to “APAC” - Asia Pacific Automotive Engineering Conference in 2007 to help attract new participants from the Asian region.


1981Honolulu, Hawaii USA
1983Tokyo, Japan
1985Jakarta, Indonesia
1987Melbourne, Australia
1989Beijing, China
1991Seoul, South Korea
1993Phoenix, Arizona USA
1995Yokohama, Japan
1997Bali, Indonesia
1999Melbourne, Australia
2001Shanghai, China
2003Bangkok, Thailand
2005Gyeongju, South Korea
2007Hollywood, California USA
2009Hanoi, Vietnam
2011Chennai, India
2013Bangkok, Thailand
2015Melbourne, Australia
2017Shanghai, China