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Internal Combustion Engine Symposium

Considering the current COVID-19 pandemic situation, “32nd Internal Combustion Engine Symposium” will be held as a hybrid event; a combination of “Live” face to face event and a “Virtual” online component. However, depending on the status of the COVID-19 pandemic, it may be held as an all online event.

The Internal Combustion Engine Symposium started in 1979 initially every one and a half year and became annual event in 1984. Two of them were held in Korea for internationalization. Now it is the 32nd and faces head wind of worldwide bad flue and increasing electrification of automobiles. This must be a kind of chance to think about and discuss how we can solve these historically difficult problems at Ota-city, the one of the historic origins of internal combustion engines production by Nakajima airplanes Co. now developed to SUBARU Co. This symposium has been taking enough time for discussion in each presentation and covers wide areas of research and developments such as hybrids and zero carbon emission engines. We will take so-called Hybrid method of symposium which enables us both on-site (face to face) and remote participation. We the executing committee members all look forward to seeing all of you together with the people in Ota-city.

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Ota Campus, Gunma University
(29-1 Honcho, Ota City, Gunma Prefecture, 373-0057, Japan)


Gasoline combustion, HCCI (PCCI), Ignition, Combustion, Knock, Mixture formation, Diesel combustion, Spray, Exhaust Emissions, After-treatment, Gas engine, Alternative fuels, New engine, Cooling and heat transfer, Lubrication, Vibration, Noise, Diagnostics, etc.


Keynote Speech1
Date&Time December 8, 9:30 - 10:30
Title Past and future of SUBARU
Speaker Mr. Yasuhiro Ito (SUBARU)
Moderator Prof. Tomohiko Furuhata (Gunma Univ.)
Keynote Speech2
Date&Time December 8, 15:20 - 16:20
Title Transition and Future of Niigata Diesel (Marine Engine)
Speaker Mr. Shinsuke Takahashi (IHI Power Systems Co.,Ltd. )
Moderator Prof. Mikiya Araki (Gunma Univ.)
Keynote Speech3
Date&Time December 9, 9:30 - 10:30
Title The Co-Optimization of Fuel and Engine Technologies on q Path to Decarbonization of the Transportation Sector
Speaker Dr.Robert Wagner (Oak Ridge National Laboratory)
Moderator Mr. Noboru Uchida (New A.C.E. Institute)
Date&Time December 7, 15:30 -17:00
Title Technology for using hydrogen and ammonia
Speaker Prof. Akemi Ito (Tokyo city Univ.)
Prof. Shinji Kanbara (Gifu Univ.)
Prof. Juan C. González Palencia (Gunma Univ.)
Moderator Prof. Seiichi Shiga (Gunma Univ.)
Technical Session
Timetable Timetable

Important Dates

Deadline for Abstract: July 23, 2021
Notification of Acceptance: Middle of August, 2021
Deadline for Final Manuscript: September 27, 2021
* All deadline dates are in Japan standard Time.

Call for Papers

<Deadline for Submission of abstract>
July 23, 2021
Please fill in this entry sheet and send via e-mail to ice(at)

<Notification of Acceptance>
Middle of August, 2021

<Deadline for final manuscript>
September 27, 2021 → October 8, 2021

Rules and Guidelines for 32nd Internal Combustion Engine Symposium (PDF)

Guide for Presenter

* The official languages are Japanese and English, and SI units should be used.
* The manuscript should be 5 - 6 pages of A4 size.
* Both members and non-members can make presentations.
* The presentation will be limited to 25 minutes including 10 minutes for discussion.
*Manuscript template(WORD)

Registration Fee (Each fee includes the charge for Proceedings)

*All payment must be made in Japanese Yen.
Categories Early Registration:
Until November 15
Late/On-site Registration :
November 16 -
December 9
Member 13,000 JPY 16,000 JPY
Non-members 28,000 JPY 31,000 JPY
Students Member 4,000 JPY 6,000 JPY
Students Non-member 8,000 JPY 10,000 JPY

* The consumption tax is included in the registration fee.
A member here means a JSAE, JSME, or Assisted Society member.

Please fill in this Registration Form and send via e-mail to ice(at)